Two Year Old Chamberlin is a Chill and Curious Canine

Two Year Old Chamberlin is a Chill and Curious Canine

Two year old Chamberlin is currently in boarding at Canine Country Club in Phx, but still adoptable through our county shelter. If you would like to meet him, please send us a private message with an email and phone number we can contact you at, and we will have someone get in touch with you about a meet and greet.

Chamberlin recenetly enjoyed a wonderful day away from the shelter with some of our volunteers! Here’s what they had to say:

“Chamberlin is the best copilot a guy or gal could have- and lucky Y0U, he’s available!

Chamberlin was a great day foster date. In fact, he was my husbands FAV dog out of all the dogs we’ve taken out; he has been completely enamored with him. Maybe it was the way he crawled up to the front of the car and just sat calmly looking out the window, while he put his arm aróund him and ChamberIin leaned intó him. See what I mean? A great copilot!

Chamberlin is a chill and curious canine. He loves to look at everything that goes by and soak it all in, but he doesn’t try to run off or get all spazzy. He’s content to just sit with you, or with his paws on you watching the world and soaking up pets. He’ll reward your attentions with some kissés of his own! 😀 Chamberlin knows sit already for a treat and walks great on the leash with hardly any tugging. He takes treats super gentle and will wait his turn vs trying to steal from your plate (okay, he only tried to steal ONCE lol). On the patio, Chamberlin was fine with people coming up to pet him or say hello, and when he saw another doggy, he was very interested but didn’t bark or make a noise. At the shelter, Chamberlin does well overall in group with more chill dogs. If you have a dog at home, we can help with an intro prior to adopting (always recommended!).

This is a GREAT dog who has “family” written all over him! He’s instantly loveable! Chamberlin happens to be in boarding at Canine Country Golf club at 2332 E Washington St., Phx (the shelter is boarding in order to make space). If you are interested in meeting him, let us know!”

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