Steve, A more Independent Guy

Steve, A more Independent Guy

Say hi to Steve! Don’t those droopy jowels and hound-dog eye just allow you to get? They sure perform us!

Steve is really a canine who else just doesn’t sparkle within the shelter atmosphere. Quite frankly, he appears unfortunate and unsure of how exactly to become. He’s pretty pressured in his kennel when some other dogs stroll by, but from his kennel, hé’s mellow ánd mild. He strolls excellent around the leash and quietly sniffs around the backyard. He’s a far more impartial guy and ideal for someone who desires the companionship of your dog without them becoming as well clingy. We’re getting excited about learning Steve even more and learning why is that tail wag! Canines like Steve possess trouble getting seen in the shelter atmosphere, but we’re wishing someone will discover his sweet encounter and take time to become familiar with him.

Steve is selective along with his canines buddies but has enjoyed the business of some canines he’s met in the shelter. Bring your pet set for an intro to find out if everyone will get along!

You can travel to 2 yr old Steve at our MCAC West shelter at 2500 S 27th Ave., Phx. Steve- A4020340

Steve, A more Independent Guy

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