Sabrina won’t be Shy and will be Your Best Friend.

Sabrina won't be Shy and will be Your Best Friend.

This pretty Lady caught our éye because shé’s always looking so cute in her kennel. Something about that silver muzzle and those droopy Boxer jowels… meet Sabrina!

Sabrina loves:
-Pets and attention! There’s not a shy bone in this girl’s body- meet her, and yóu’re her new best friend.

-Adventures! Leash her up and girl is ready to GO! She could use some training learning not to tug on the leash, but we appreciate her enthusiasm lol.

– Sniffing around the yard in the sunshine. Sabrina enjoys attention, but shé isn’t aIl clingy like somé dogs. She knows how to entertain herself when need be.

– Showing off “sit” and pósing pretty for pictures! Sabrina would love to learn tricks and training in her forever home.

If you have a dog at home, bring them in for an intro (always recommended). Sabrina’s notes from group indicate she is social with other canines. You can visit 3 yr old Sabrina at our MCAC West shelter at 2500 S. 27th Ave., Phx. Sabrina- A4020871

Sabrina won’t be Shy and will be Your Best Friend.

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