2 Year Old Karla at MCAC West shelter

2 Year Old Karla at MCAC West shelter

Say hello to Karla! Karla is a happy, wiggly girl who loves to meet new people, and loves her tennis ball! She’s always up for a new adventure- exploring the trail on a walk, or meeting a new person. In fact, every person we walked by, Karla stopped to say hello and wag her tail like crazy. Hello social butterfly!

Besides greeting new people, Karla loves to chase her tennis ball. She will carry it around a few steps, then drop it lol. She hasn’t quite mastered the fine art of fetch AND brings back yet, but she’s willing to learn from her forever home! Karla is also hoping to learn a few basic commands and leash training in her forever home. At this point, you leash her up and she is full steam ahead lol. We appreciate her enthusiasm!

Bring your dog in for an intro and say hello to Karla! Karla has a kennel mate she does well with but can be selective with picking her dog friends. You can meet 2 yr old Karla at our MCAC West shelter at 2500 S. 27th Ave., Phx. Karla- A4020063

2 Year Old Karla at MCAC West shelter


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