Sheep Dog Takes Care of Unusual Flock

Chip is a third-generation working farm dog who looks after more than 2000 animals. But his flock is not made up of the usual sheep or cattle. Instead he takes care of emus!

The 8-year-old Kelpie looks after the birds and rounds them up for his Australian owner Jeff Long. Every morning and night Chip herds the emu chicks and rides with Jeff on a quad bike, guarding him from the pecks of adult birds.

What takes Jeff just 10 minutes to do is something that would take Jeff and his partner hours to complete. Jeff told The Daily Telegraph, “He’s a really top dog actually, a really smart dog, he’s a good mate. It would be nightmare to do it without him, we’d need two or three people without him.”

Chip stands his ground with the older birds and is very gentle with the chicks. Working dogs are amazing!


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