Duffy’s “Adopt Me” eyes got us feeling all emotional over here.

Duffy’s “Adopt Me” eyes got us feeling all emotional over here! You can tell this is one LOYAL dog. Duffy is a fav of one of our staff members, and she had him out in the yard the other day. She said when Duffy first came to the shelter, he wasn’t feeling so hot and she covered him all up in blankies. The next week when he was feeling better, he was dancing all around his kennel when he saw her and she didn’t recognize him at first. She realized it was Duffy and that he was saying “thanks for taking care of me when I wasn’t feeling so hot!”

It’s clear Duffy loves his people. Although he was friendly with us right away, he kept running over and checking in with the person he knows to make sure she was doing ok. In addition to hanging out with his favorite people, Duffy loves chew bones and back scratchies. Now if you combine the chew bone AND the back scratch- heaven for Duffy lol. Duffy is a mostly chill dude overall, but he did get a little silly here and there in the yard and do a few zoomies.

Duffy may do best as the only pet in your life. If you have another dog at home already, an intro is required prior to adopting; bring everyone in to say hello! You can visit 4 yr old Duffy at our MCAC West shelter, 2500 S. 27th Ave., Phx. A4179588

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