This is one silly little shortstack! Zoomies + snorts + flopping over for belly rubs= silly little shortstack! That’s just math folks, and you can’t argue with math.

Smudge is a super friendly dog and loves to be the center of attention. When she’s not running around the yard like a goofball, she’s climbing into your lap for pets and love. DUH, she’s a lap dog! đŸ˜€ Because of Smudge’s strength and desire to be ON you, she may do best with older kids. If you’re like me, and not much makes you happier than a snorting hippo-dog climbing in your lap… you have GOT to come to meet Smudge! Smudge is somewhat strong on leash (she puts that big blockhead down and GOES haha), but she does already know “sit” for a treat, and is willing to learn more in her forever home if you’re willing to teach!

Smudge did well with her dog eval; bring your dog in for an intro. You can visit 3 yr old Smudge at our MCAC West shelter in Phx (2500 S. 27th Ave.).


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