Callum Expect a New Home.

Abbie and Keith took Callum out for a day foster recently and came back with this report:

Callum (A4155075) is a handsome, cuddly boy who would love to be your one and only. He rides quietly in the car and just needs a little help climbing in. He enjoyed exploring the trails at Papago Park and mostly moved at a slow pace. He is very food motivated and will sit for a treat. Callum is a mellow, well-behaved boy indoors and proved to be an excellent snuggler. At first, he just wanted to follow us around but then realized how comfortable the dog bed is and was happy to get some nap time in. He’s an affectionate boy who gets attached to people quickly.

Come meet him at our East Valley Animal Care Center, fall in love and Adopt! Interested in fostering one of our homeless dogs? We make it easy to foster!

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