The Guide to Clip Dog Nails that are too long

If you feel like clipping your dog’s toenails is a major chore, then I have a couple great household hacks for you. It’s gonna include this bag of oranges and your cell phone.

Sometimes it can be really challenging if you have a dog that has excessively hairy toes. Trying to clip around that hair. You’re constantly trying to move it around and see where the toenail is, and see where the quick of your dog’s nail is. This first tip is for you. So I want you to take that bag of oranges that you’ve got, and dump all of the oranges out. We’re actually just gonna use the bag for this household hack. We’re gonna use the little holes in the bag to go around Slam’s nails, and it’s gonna actually hold the fur on his toes back just enough that we can really see the nails really well. So I’m actually gonna bunchthis bag up a little bit, and you could these tiny little holes are perfect. I’m gonna take Slam’s foot, and I’m just gonna slip his toenails through.

Slam needs a bit of a toenail clipping. But at this point, I wouldn’t even worry about getting all of the toenails through, but just keep them separated enough. And you could see that that bag holds the fur back really well, and we could very clearly see that Slam is due for a clipping. Now that we’ve got Slam’s toenails exposed.

Another great household hack is your cell phone. Now every cell phone seems to have a flashlight on it nowadays, so we’re gonna turn on that flashlight. I’m gonna set it on the ground with the flashlight facing up. Now all I need to do is hold Slam’s toes, toenails, over top of that light. And I can very clearly see where Slam’s quick is, and that way, I can avoid cutting it.

Now look at how easy it is to see the quick in Slam’s nail there, and it makes it a lot easier to make sure that we’re not clipping that quick. (clippers click) And you know the darker spot on his toenail will be where the quick is, and we’re gonna try to avoid that as we’re clipping.

Slam isn’t really the kind of dog who loves having his toenails clipped, so anything we can do to make this experience just a little bit easier is absolutely worth it. You see the nail really highlights that nail, or the light really highlights that nail. Now if you have the kind of dog who just doesn’t like having their feet handled, we’ve published a video not that long ago, and I’ll link it in a card above, that’ll make your dog a little bit more comfortable with having their feet or any really body part handled. If you have a dog who has furry toes or if you have a friend who has a dog with hairy feet, this hack, this orange bag hack,  is perfect for you guys. And if you have a dog with darker nails, be sure to use that cell phone light trick. It’s really nice to be able to visualize the quick, so that you don’t end up cutting it when you’re trimming their nails.

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