Pet Tips: How to Stop Your Dog Digging

How to Stop Your Dog Digging

You may be slightly surprised to know that all dogs dig, this behavior is very natural and can be difficult to eliminate. But have hope we will cover some ways you can either stop dog digging or prevent them from destroying all the beautiful flowers and grass you worked so hard to plant! The best thing to do is to identify why your dog may be digging, and then start correcting the problem there.

How to Stop Your Dog Digging

There are different reasons as to why your dog may be trying to run away, and no one of the reasons is not that he doesn’t like you and is trying to getaway. For the most part, some dogs just like to get out, and typically there are breeds that are notorious for that.

Dogs really like to dig. You’ll have to train Fido to get him to stop. When you catch him in the act say “no.” Then distract him with a toy. It won’t help to scold him after he’s done. You need to be consistent when he’s digging, not afterward. Tip: Give him a sandbox where he can go to town. Bury some favorite toys and watch him have fun getting them out. Pile on the praise – it will help him learn that he can dig all day in that spot.

How to Stop Your Dog Digging

It’s frustrating when your pup constantly digs in your otherwise pristine yard. The best thing to do in order to handle this situation is to train them what they can and cannot chew. Keep your belongings out of your pet’s reach. Shoes, socks, books and other things you do not want to be destroyed should not be left lying around. Even old shoes, clothing and socks should not be given to dogs to chew on because they cannot tell the difference between the old and new.

To a certain extent, dog digging is instinctual behavior but in excess, it signifies a deeper issue. Never punish your dog for it-instead, try to find out what it is lacking and to alleviate its boredom. Be creative and provide lots of activities for your pet. You will need to experiment and see what works for your dog. Very soon you will be seeing fewer holes in your yard.

How to Stop Your Dog Digging

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