Pet Tips: How to Clean Dog Ears

How to Clean Dog Ears

Among the vitally necessary aspects of canine grooming is ear cleaning. Unfortunately, the majority of dog owners tend to overlook this necessity. Ear cleaning should be performed frequently, especially if your dog is prone to getting otitis externa or inflammation of the external ear. The ears of cats are sensitive and delicate; as such, they are prone to be damaged or infected, sometimes leading to deafness.

How to Clean Dog Ears

The key to ear cleaning is to be generous with the dog ear cleaner solution. Raise the ear flap. Hover the nozzle of the bottle, over the entrance to the external ear canal. Slowly squeeze enough liquid out so that it floods the canal. Use a ball of cotton wool to plug the entrance to the canine ear. Massage below the skin below the cotton wool for a few seconds, then remove the plug.

You can also use an alternative solution for cleaning your dog’s ears, which you can also easily make yourself, using one part hydrogen peroxide and one part water. Again, make sure that the water which is used for making this solution, and the solution itself, is lukewarm and pleasant for your dog. Drip a couple of drops inside the ear canal for best effects.

How to Clean Dog Ears

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Featuring coconut oil as it’s base and aloe vera as its active ingredient. Ear cleaner and ear wax removal system in pre-soaked wipes is a handy tool to keep your pet’s ears free from odor-causing germs, itching, and inflammation. It also utilizes only premium quality, extra-soft cotton pads to make sure that each wipe will never scratch or irritate the skin in your dog’s ears. It’s unlike other dog ear wipes that are rather coarse to the touch; it’s like flimsy sandpaper on your pet’s ears. At the very least, you get to remove dirt, debris, and wax and leave a fresher scent without causing unnecessary harm to your pet’s ears.

How to Clean Dog Ears

Keep ears clean and dry, especially if your dog has a history of ear infections. Use all-natural ear wash to remove dirt and wax. Drop into ear canal and massage at the base for about a minute. Apply to a cotton pad and wipe the ear flap until dry. Never reuse a cotton swab in the other ear, and never use Q-Tips inside the dog’s ear. Rely on your dog inevitably shaking its head vigorously to spread the solution to those deeper, hard-to-reach areas rather than venturing deep into the ear with foreign objects.

How to Clean Dog Ears

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