January 9, 2003

Dear fellow stamp enthusiasts,

We're pleased to share with you that one of our tremendous American Partners, the Doris Day Animal Foundation, will take the United States Postal Service's Neuter/Spay stamps as the theme for its 8th Annual Spay Day USA. "Neuter or Spay - It's a First Class Act."

Please visit their website at for information about Spay Day USA 2003, which will be celebrated on February the 25th.

This year, the program includes among many things:

  • Literature to order, including brochures and posters
  • Spay Day merchandise featuring the spay/neuter stamps images at (you'll find the spay day links at the top and to the left of the pages once you enter the site)
  • The most adorable coloring page of the spay/neuter stamps at which will also be made available in Spanish. (You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader at, to view the coloring page)

For further information about American Partnership for Pets, the program and the partners, please visit us at or email us at

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