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Wear your heart on your Lapel, or Tee-shirt, or Cap, or tote bag, or more!

Publicly and proudly wear the commemorative spay/neuter stamp pins to further promote the importance of spay/neuter and demonstrate to the USPS how much we support their products.

The American Partnership for Pets is delighted to announce that on September 20, 2002 the United States Postal Service (USPS) issued two Commemorative Stamps dedicated to the responsible pet care message - "Spay/Neuter." The USPS has a longstanding tradition of raising awareness of important social issues. With a workforce of over 750,000 and 38,000 locations nationwide, the USPS took the opportunity to create awareness among its family members, friends and customers about the benefits of spaying and neutering our companion animals. THANK YOU USPS!!!



My local post office has run out of stamps! [Back]

Local Post Offices were able to re-order the stamps from USPS central stamp distribution while supplies lasted. It is possible, but unlikely, that a small number of local post offices may have a few stamps left.

Are stamps available in central distribution? [Back]

Central Distribution sold out of the Spay/Neuter Stamps in October 2003.

However, for your information in addition to local post offices, the USPS also has a convenient ordering system. While we petition the USPS for a reprint of the Spay/Neuter stamps, you can order "other" stamps and stamp products on the USPS website at or by calling their toll free number 800-STAMP-24. There is a $1 flat rate shipping charge, and the toll free number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Where can I purchase these stamps today? [Back]

You may be able to find the "Neuter or Spay" stamps for sale at online auctions or through stamp dealers. The stamps are sold for a higher rate now that they are sold out.

How many stamps were printed? [Back]

250 MILLION! The average print run for a U.S. commemorative stamp is around 80 million, and the average social awareness stamp print run is 150 million, with many stamps released in much smaller quantities. However, given the American Partnership for Pets' exciting collaborative work to ensure the impact of the stamps' message, the USPS made the decision to up the ante in preparation for the demand and more than doubled the number of stamps originally planned for issuance!

But as many of you made plans to purchase a lifetime's supply of these stamps, we knew that 250 MILLION would certainly sell out -- smile!

Please note: Commemorative stamps are not intended to be printed in quantity. They are limited editions made available for a limited time period only. American Partnership for Pets is therefore extremely grateful to the USPS for their support in issuing so many stamps! It is very rare for a commemorative stamp to be reprinted. However, of course American Partnership for Pets believes that based on our support and the tremendous demand for these stamps, Neuter or Spay should be the exception!

For how long were the stamps available? [Back]

The Spay Neuter stamps were issued on September 20, 2002, and sold out in October 2003. Commemorative stamps traditionally remain on sale for at least one year or while supplies last. It is very rare for the Postal Service to reprint a commemorative stamp subject. (See how many stamps were printed above)

American Partnership for Pets believes that we should be that rare exception! Let's make Spay/Neuter one for the history books! Learn how you can help here

How Many Stamps Have Sold? [Back]

The USPS provided the following sales results to American Partnership for Pets.

  • September 2003: 250,000,000 stamps issued
  • June 2003: 248,100,000 stamps sent to local post offices and the public
  • September 2003: Only 750,000 stamps left
  • October 2003: SOLD OUT
We know from letters we have received across the nation that many post offices have sold out, re-ordered the stamps and sold out again! We therefore can assume that very few stamps (if any) are left in local post offices.

USPS Stamp Statistics [Back]

Average number of social awareness stamps issued: 150 million
Average number of commemorative stamps issued: 80 million
Most number of commemorative stamps printed: 517 Million (Elvis '93)

Top Ten most popular commemorative stamps (Source: U.S.P.S., 1998; latest data available. Popularity of stamps is measured by number saved, not used)

  1. Elvis '93 (124.0M)
  2. Wildflowers '92 (76.2M)
  3. Rock and Roll '93 (75.8M)
  4. Civil War '95 (46.6M)
  5. Legends of the West '94 (46.5M)
  6. Marilyn Monroe '95 (46.3M)
  7. Bugs Bunny '97 (45.3M)
  8. Summer Olympics '92 (39.6M)
  9. The World of Dinosaurs (38.5M)
  10. Centennial Olympic Games '96 (38.1M)
APP does not yet have information on how many Neuter or Spay stamps have been saved.

Will the USPS reprint the stamps? [Back]

American Partnership for Pets has requested a reprint of these popular stamps. However there has not been a decision to reprint to date. If you wish to save a sheet or two as a souvenir, we recommend that you do so now.

In the meantime, we urge you to help us to demonstrate our tremendous and continued support for the spay/neuter commemorative stamp images by continuing to use the stamps you have purchased (and saving a set or two) plus by demonstrating to the USPS how much we also value their spay/neuter licensed products.

Equally importantly, we ask you to subscribe to our email newsletter so that we can notify you of our progress, and quickly and easily ask for support, such as writing letters, as necessary.

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Will APP ask the USPS for a fundraising stamp? [Back]

Yes, along with our requests for a reprint, and additional responsible pet care messages on future stamps, the USPS knows that APP will ultimately also ask to see a semi-postal (fundraising) stamp in post offices around the nation.

However, APP believes that it is unrealistic to push for a semi-postal stamp at this time. When Congress passed a bill that allowed for a new semi-postal stamp at two year intervals until 2010, they mandated that issues addressed must be "human", and they also mandated that funds raised must be donated to "executive agencies" as defined by 5 U.S.C. 105. Within these guidelines, it is up to the USPS to decide upon the subject matter.

Since this special stamp program begin in 1998, there have been two semi-postal stamps - the breast cancer research stamp, and more recently, the Heroes of America stamp. The next semi-postal stamp will address domestic violence. As you can imagine, many, many organizations that fit this criteria have been asking the USPS to support their issue.

The USPS and Congress have a variety of concerns, including the costs to the USPS of administering such a program. For example, costs of the breast cancer research stamp have been higher than expected, which the USPS has generously covered, rather than take the difference out of the funds raised. Therefore if a stamp does not sell well, it is possible that the sponsored charity will not benefit significantly.

APP therefore believes that our best approach is a long term approach, and that we must demonstrate in advance what a successful project we will be.

To that end, APP will continue to build our collaborative team and demonstrate that we are united and a single voice with which to do business. We will demonstrate our overwhelming collective support for the USPS stamps and stamp products - and that as a team we can guarantee the USPS a blockbuster product. And last but not least, we will continue to nurture our good relationship with the Postal Service. Concurrently, analysis of the issues, development of best practices, and a national approach to handling and measuring how the funds are used must also be developed.

We can then make the official request of both the USPS and Congress from a position of great credibility and strength.

Why are the photos of a puppy and kitten? [Back]

When photographed, Kirby the puppy, and Samantha the kitten were both homeless shelter pets. Kirby and Samantha are a tangible face of the plight of the millions of unwanted and homeless pets in our nation -- many of which would make wonderful companions if given the chance -- and of spay/neuter as a preventative part of the solution.

The young animals on the stamps alongside the spay/neuter message will also help to educate the public to alter their pets before first heat.

By the way, we're delighted to share with you that both animals were subsequently adopted by loving families - respectively neutered and spayed of course, and they are now leading happier and healthier lives!

[Learn More about Kirby and Samantha]

Do you have a program to tie-in with the stamps? [Back]

Yes, the American Partnership for Pets is doing exactly that! We are an unprecedented collaborative national team that has come together to speak with a united voice on the benefits of spay/neuter, using the stamps as a tangible educational tool to bring this message to the hearts and homes of America. We plan to launch into a multi-year program.

And in communities nationwide, hundreds of local organizations and veterinarians are partnering with their local post offices to celebrate the stamps!

[Learn about our program and how YOU can participate]

How do I find MY community stamp events? [Back]

American Partnership for Pets has invited all community organizations and post offices to register their spay/neuter stamp events on Pets 911 over the course of the program.

[Find MY Community Events]

Where can we see the stamps? [Back]

The official unveiling ceremony, and formal introduction of the American Partnership for Pets program took place at the Tufts Animal Expo on September 12, 2002 in Boston, MA.

When will the stamps be available? [Back]

The First Day of Issue ceremony took place at the American Humane Association's National Conference in Denver, Colorado on September 20, 2002 in front of a very enthusiastic audience. The stamps were available for sale nationwide thereafter.

What about pre-ordered stamps? [Back]

The public was able to pre-order stamps by calling Credit cards were debited at the time the order was placed, and the stamps were not shipped until after the September 20, 2002 release.

In what format will the stamps be sold? [Back]

The issue comprises two se-tenant* (side-by-side designs), 37 cent self-adhesive stamps. The stamps will be issued pane of twenty, ten puppy stamps and ten kitten stamps.

*Se-tenant: French for "joined together.'' Two or more unseparated stamps of different designs, colors, denominations or types.

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Are these fundraising stamps? [Back]

No, these are commemorative stamps, and sell for the first class postage rate of 37 cents. However, the panes of stamps will also be available for sale at PETsMART Stores for a limited time at a special price of $9.99 - with the difference going to PETsMART Charities, one of our tremendous American Partners! The proceeds will be used for spay/neuter grants.

The stamps are also available at a special fundraising price at other community partner locations. APP community partners are listed on the Pets 911 network and have the APP logo next to their name.

Are these stamps also available as non profit stamps? [Back]

No, these are commemorative stamps, and sell for the first class postage rate of 37 cents.

Will machine rolls of stamps for mass mailings be available? [Back]

No, while 250 Million stamps may seem like a lot, it is actually a very small amount compared to the numbers of definitive stamps the USPS produces, and it is not possible to prepare a selection of these larger stamps differently.

Is there anything special about the stamps? [Back]

Every pane (sheet) of twenty stamps will direct the public to a toll free bilingual phone number (Spanish/English) and website to find community veterinarians and spay/neuter resources. 1-888-Pets-911 and

Is merchandise with the stamps spay/neuter message available? [Back]

Yes, Merchandise is available. And we are delighted to inform you that American Partnership for Pets (APP) licensed vendors will donate a percentage of sales of "APP branded merchandise with a message" to us.

Even more excitingly, APP licensed merchandise will carry an additional educational message about the benefits of spay/neuter and in this way we can continue to raise awareness.

In addition, some National and Community American Partners may also carry spay/neuter stamp merchandise for sale, or at fundraising events. Visit their websites to purchase their merchandise and support their work.

Watch for limited edition items too!

Will there be special spay/neuter stamp collectible items? [Back]

Yes, there are several special collectibles related to these stamps. Most important is the "First Day of Issue Postmark." This is the special postmark that will only be available in Denver for the September 20, 2002 First Day of Issue. However you do not have to be in Denver on the day to obtain this postmark! To obtain a special First Day of Issue collectible, follow these instructions:
  • Purchase a spay/neuter stamp and affix it to the envelope of your choice.
  • Address the envelope to yourself or to your friends or family or colleagues.
  • Place the envelope in another larger envelope and mail it to: NEUTER OR SPAY COMMEMORATIVE STAMPS, POSTMASTER, 951 20TH STREET, DENVER, CO 80202-9991.
After applying the First Day of Issue postmark, the Postal Service will return the envelope to you through the mail. There is no charge for this special postmark, but remember that you only have 30 days to submit your request. All orders MUST be postmarked by October 21, 2002.

There will also be limited edition APP items over the course of the program to commemorate this exciting collaborative effort. Check back frequently and/or subscribe to our email newsletter to receive up to the minute information.

By the way, if you intend to save a set of the stamps, please do so now. We cannot guarantee that there will be stamps available later in the year.

Who designed the stamps? [Back]

Derry Noyes of Washington, D.C., designed the stamps and also served as art director. Sally Andersen-Bruce was the photographer.

I'd like to learn more about stamp collecting (philately) [Back]

There is so much to learn! Thankfully there are many wonderful resources to help you learn about stamps, many specialized stamp collecting groups, and a world full of exciting stamps about which to learn and collect!

[Learn more about the Spay/Neuter stamps and stamps in general]

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