Meet American Partnership for Pets at the following events and conferences. Come by and introduce yourself and learn more about the program! You'll either find us at our own American Partnership Booth, or care of one of our partner's booths.

    • 2003

    • Pet Fest America (January 19, Washington, DC)
    • New Jersey Federation (March) c/o HSUS
    • Virginia Federation of Humane Societies (March)
    • Humane Society of the United States Expo (April)
    • California Animal Care Conference (April)
    • Best Friends Regional Conference (May)
    • Texas Federation of Humane Societies (April)
    • New York Federation Conference (May) c/o HSUS
    • National Animal Control Association Conference (June)
    • Prairie States Animal Welfare Conference (TBC June)
    • American Veterinary Medical Association (July)
    • Postmasters Conference (August)
    • Petsavers CHAMPS Conference (August)
    • Oregon Association of Pet Dog Trainers (September)
    • Tufts Animal Expo (September)
    • American Humane Association Conference (September)
    • Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TBC October)
    • The Beastie Bazaar (Upperville, VA, November)
      c/o VFHS

    • Cat Fanciers' International Cat Show (Houston, TX, November)

         .....and more to be confirmed

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