Dear Postmaster and Postal Employees,

The American Partnership for Pets could not be more grateful to the US Postal Service and to you, the leaders and members of our communities who reach into every home in our nation, for helping us to raise awareness of the health, behavioral and societal benefits of spay/neuter.

We are working alongside the USPS to raise awareness

The American Partnership for Pets will be heavily promoting the stamps' spay/neuter message and collectively reach a membership of over 8 million. Additionally, in August 2002, we distributed 8,000 Action Kits to community animal organizations inviting them to celebrate the stamps and have invited our community parters (veterinarians and shelters) to introduce themselves to you, so that we can celebrate this message nationwide. With both national and local partners promoting the stamps' spay/neuter message, significantly more than 100 million stamp images have already appeared in print and on television!

Neuter Spay Stamp Events

The Partnership will be taking the spay/neuter stamps as their educational theme on several occasions over the year that they remain on sale. Notable events include:
  • The September 2002 first day of issue, dedication ceremonies and events (nationally and locally)

  • February 2003, Spay Day USA hosted by Doris Day Animal Foundation

  • May 2003, "Pledge to use the stamps and spread awareness!" hosted by APP. (more information)
Promote Your Events

We invite you to participate with us over the year, and to help us provide the public with information on how to find you, by registering your spay/neuter stamp events on the Pets 911 public service. Please email Julie with your event information at .

View Events Around the Nation

We have already heard from shelters and post offices from all over the nation about their plans to celebrate the stamps and raise awareness. Many of the pictures and press clippings are rolling in already (see them on the Nation Celebrates section of our website!) We expect there to be hundreds, perhaps even thousands of events - as we all work together for our nation's homeless and unwanted pets. We are so proud of what we can achieve together.

Stocking And Reprinting These Popular Stamps!

As of June 2003, of the 250 million stamps printed, 248.1 million had been distributed to local post offices and to the public, and are one of the fastest selling commemorative stamps! We have heard from many people across the nation that their local post office has sold out, re-ordered the stamps, and sold those out also! We urge you to continue to stock these very popular stamps, and to help us become the first social awareness stamps to sell out completely! With our Pledge to Use the Stamps promotion this May, we fully expect to do so very shortly!

American Partnership for Pets has also requested that USPS headquarters reprint these stamps, and your assistance in helping to demonstrate how popular these stamps are, is very much appreciated. If reprinted, we believe that we could become the highest selling stamps in USPS history! And we hope that this will lead to additional responsible pet care and animal stamps in the future!

The USPS Poster Raises Awareness

Additionally community organizations are writing in to us to tell us of visiting their post offices to see the spay/neuter awareness posters that were displayed (are still displayed) in your lobbies. The education that you help to provide to the public is so very much appreciated by us all.


The American Partnership for Pets was pleased to attend the 2002 NAPUS convention in Las Vegas, and we hope that you had the opportunity to stop by our booth and learn more about this unprecedented collaborative team and our plans to promote the spay/neuter message using these tremendous postage stamps!

The Partnership was overwhelmed and touched by how many of you stopped by to share stories about kittens that had been left on your post office doorsteps, or the strays that your carriers saw along their daily routes, or how your employees or you were already active in your community helping homeless animals.

Postal Bulletin

You will find official USPS information about the events in the May 30, 2002 Postal Bulletin, PB22077 and in mini-field kits and Spay Day USA and other media advisories sent by USPS Headquarters.

Official USPS HQ Approved Products for promotional use and lobby resale spread the message and also support our work!

Offering products featuring the puppy and kitten stamp images at your event provides a perfect way to promote the Spay Neuter message and support the American Partnership for Pets (APP). In addition, a generous portion of sales is donated to American Partnership for Pets when you purchase USPS merchandise from vendors that support us, and even more importantly all the products that carry the APP logo also carry an additional educational message! What a wonderful way to continue to raise awareness -- on an official USPS tote bag or mug or tee-shirt or pin!

For order information and to order official licensed Spay Neuter products, please visit www.spayneuter.us or call Jennifer Houston or Jeanni Capell at U.S. Allegiance, Inc. 1-800-327-1402.

Post offices can also now purchase Spay Neuter merchandise for lobby resale through the Official Licensed Retail Product (OLRP) program - another effective means of supporting the Spay Neuter message. Contact your district retail manager for details on how to participate OR go to your internal USPS site, ; click on Headquarters, then Retail, then Merchandise, then OLRP - Official Licensing Retail Product Program. You can also purchase the products through eBuy at .

Thank You!

Again, our sincerest thanks for your leadership and support in our efforts to end the tragedy of unwanted and euthanized pets, and in helping us educate the nation that spay/neuter is a part of the solution as it prevents unwanted and accidental litters from being born, in addition to health and behavioral benefits that it provides.

Please don't hesitate contact us with any questions you may have with regard to this program, by emailing us at

Together we can make a huge difference!


Sara Khurody-Downs
Prevent a Litter Coalition
On behalf of the American Partnership for Pets

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