• Be part of an unprecedented national and community collaborative team dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of a societal approach to pet population issues, and the benefits of spay/neuter.

  • Use the USPS spay/neuter stamp images and American Partnership Community Partner logo on pre-approved educational and promotional materials*, or submit your own designs for approval. Many materials may also be customized with "your" logo. Some restrictions apply. (*being developed)

  • Listing on the APP website as a community Partner

  • APP logo placement next to your name on the Pets 911 network indicating that you are a partner

  • Option to renew your sub-license annually, while the USPS master license remains in effect

  • Purchase "merchandise with an educational message" at group wholesale rates, and customize the merchandise with your own organization's logo, (minimum order required and some restrictions apply). Use the merchandise to promote your organization, raise awareness about spay/neuter and to fundraise." (Note: Merchandise Licenses with US Allegiance valid until 12/31/03)

If you are an established national/regional organization click here for further information

To become an Official APP Community Partner:
  • You must be a veterinarian or non profit/municipal animal organization or rescue group (individual volunteers do not qualify) to be eligible for community partnership.

  • We recommend that you register or update your practice or organization's information on the Pets 911 network (click on the orange log in box)

  • Sign and return a USPS/APP sub-license application (There is a processing fee of $25 to cover administratation of the partnership, and to reimburse for legal expenses.) Sub-license applications were mailed out in APP Action kits in August 2001, and are also available to download in the animal organization/veterinarian log in section of Pets 911.

    Sub-license applications processing normally takes 2-3 weeks. If your application is declined, the fee will be returned.

  • Sign up for the free email American Partnership for Pets newsletter. We will update you through this newsletter on how you may assume a leadership role in your community in this unprecedented collaborative effort.

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