September 12, 2002


September 12, 2002, at Tufts Animal Expo in Boston, Massachusetts marked the official introduction of the American Partnership for Pets (APP) to the nation. APP is an unprecedented coalition of more than twenty-five leading and influential animal and veterinary organizations and associations that have set aside philosophical differences and united for a common cause - the issue of the millions of homeless and unwanted pets taken in by shelters and euthanized each year in our nation.

The coalition formed in response to the US Postal Service's issuance of two extraordinary stamps dedicated to raising awareness of the value of spay/neuter - a part of responsible pet ownership and a part of the solution toward ending the tragedy.

The partnership believes that these stamps provided them with not only a tangible tool to raise awareness, but also an obligation to do so.

Sara Khurody-Downs, represented the Partnership spoke briefly before the official public unveiling of the stamps, held before the ribbon cutting at the Expo.

"One year ago, we were all justifiably proud of how Americans set differences aside and stood together united as one nation. It therefore seems fitting, on this first anniversary, as we reflect on the positive spirit of our nation, and on moving forward toward a tolerant and kind world, that I have the honor to introduce you to American Partnership for Pets and its mission," said Khurody-Downs.

"The American Partnership for Pets looks forward to the day when every pet has a good home and every owner is a responsible owner! We are therefore very grateful to the US Postal Service for so sensitively depicting the issue on these social awareness stamps, and for so sincerely working with the American Partnership for Pets to make a difference."

The Partnership then invited attendees back to a special presentation and drawing for the recently unveiled stamps. The event included speakers: Timothy O'Brien, president of the American Humane Association, Dr. Henry Childers, member of the executive board of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), Dr. Gail Golab Assistant Director of Communications for the AVMA, Robert Cannon, Public Affairs Manager for the US Postal Service, Dean Philip Kosch, Chair of Tufts Animal Expo.

The presentation ended with the introduction of two very special furry guests from the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) representing the thousands of homeless animals in our nation today.

For further information about American Partnership for Pets, the program and the partners, please visit us at or email us at

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