September 23, 2003

Spay Neuter Stamps Showcased on Final Jeopardy!

Now here is a Final Jeopardy question that we know that you will all get right!

In last week's Jeopardy game show, a picture of the USPS's Spay Neuter stamps were shown, and the contestants were asked "On what TV show were these stamps featured?"

As we all know, the stamps were unveiled by Bob Barker on "The Price is Right" on December 11, 2001. You probably knew the date too!

Yes, we are pleased to say that all the contestants got the answer right too!

We are delighted of course that the stamps continue to raise awareness in all sorts of ways, such as on the Jeopardy show. We encourage you to continue to use them on all your mail, and to plaster them on all your packages so that we sell them out - which would be a notable achievement, given the whopping 250 million print run.

This will also demonstrate the US Postal Service how much support there is, and will continue to be for these stamps.

Once sold out, we'll be enlisting your support once again, to ask the US Postal Service to reprint these stamps, so that we can continue to use them as a tangible tool to raise awareness of the benefits of spay/neuter - a part of responsible pet care! If reprinted in sufficient quantity, we could set the record as the best selling USPS stamp ever!

Even if your local post office has sold out and chosen not to restock, there are still spay neuter stamps available at USPS central distribution. Order the stamps by calling the USPS's toll free number 1-800-STAMP-24 or if you prefer, order online at

For more information, please visit the American Partnership for Pets website at

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