September 27, 2002

Friends of the Animals,

As you know, American Partnership for Pets is tracking media coverage of spay/neuter stamps, and local events. Please do send us a hard copy of any media coverage in your community or photos of your events.

Additionally, we will be showcasing some of the photos and articles we receive -- you can see a few national and community photos -- MANY more in the works - on our website at -- click on "a nation celebrates" on the front page!

We look forward to receiving your articles and photos!

Please mail articles and photos to "American Partnership for Pets, Community Events, PO Box 9294, Reston VA 20195" If you prefer to email links and digital images, send them to .

Onward and upward for our nation's animals!


For further information about American Partnership for Pets, the program and the partners, please visit us at or email us at

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