September 30, 2002

Friends of the Animals,

We would like to remind you that in addition to the wonderful stamps - there are other exciting ways to raise awareness about the numbers of animals taken in by shelters, and of the benefits of spay/neuter!

American Partnership for Pets (APP) has licensed official USPS vendors with our name and logo - and these vendors include not only our contact information ( - where the public can find information about our partners, the program and links to Pets 911 to find veterinarians and shelters in their communities!) but also an extra APP educational message on all their spay/neuter stamp products. In addition, these vendors donate a generous portion to American Partnership for Pets to enable us to continue our collaborative and proative and preventative work.

Post offices may also carry spay/neuter stamp products - and if your local post office does not carry items, perhaps you could ask your postmaster if he/she would consider doing so - to further help raise awareness. If they have questions about the products, suggest they visit the website - we even have information for postmasters online! With 7 MILLION lobby visitors a day - this is a tremendous way to continue to promote spay/neuter.

Sub-licensees of American Partnership for Pets may also purchase items at wholesale for fundraising, and customize the items with their own logos! (Minimum order reuquired - and some restrictions apply.) To apply for a sub-license - please visit and download an APP action kit from the log-in section.

What a wonderful way to promote the benefits of spay/neuter - to see the images and our educational message on tee-shirts, tote bags, mugs, travel mugs, pins....

Please help us to spread the word! To find vendors that support APP, visit our website, and click on the APP spay/neuter stamp merchandise link.


For further information about American Partnership for Pets, the program and the partners, please visit us at or email us at

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