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Inspiration and Trivia: When Hope Tarr campaigned from 1996 to 2001 for a Spay/Neuter Stamp, the USPS received 200,000 letters from supporters like YOU. We are confident that the USPS will receive gazillions of letters requesting this reprint thanks to the continued support of people like YOU!

Below is a sample letter, including a variety of points that you might wish to make in your request for a reprint of the "Neuter or Spay" commemorative stamps. Letters in your own words are of course the most valuable.

Note: We are only providing a mailing address (and not an email address) for this reprint letter, as of course the US Postal Service appreciates it when we use their service (smile!)

Executive Director
Stamp Services
U.S. Postal Service


Dear Mr. Failor:

I am one of the tens of thousands of Americans who have purchased and collected the U.S. Postal "Neuter or Spay" commemorative stamps. Thank you for issuing a very generous 250 MILLION STAMPS.

We have put our money where our mouth is, and demonstrated how much we value these stamps by purchasing all 250 million of them. I am therefore writing to request that the USPS please hear the continued public demand for these stamps and reprint "Neuter or Spay".

I know that I speak with tens of thousands of Americans, animal control organizations, humane societies, shelters, and rescue groups in this reprint request.

[[In addition to purchasing the stamps, our organization/practice has participated in community events with my local post office branch at [Post Office Address Here] and used the stamps as a tool to raise awareness at my practice/clinic/shelter/rescue group event(s) - name of event]]

Why is it so important to reprint the USPS's Neuter or Spay stamps?

  • Neutering and spaying addresses an important societal issue that affects all Americans. Each year animal control organizations, humane societies, shelters, and rescue groups take in millions of animals, many of which would make wonderful companions. Millions more stray and feral animals wander in our communities nationwide. Tragically many do not find new homes and are euthanized. Communities spend millions of dollars on animal care and control, and a huge emotional burden is placed on those who handle related issues on our nation's behalf.

  • Neutering and spaying, a part of responsible pet care, benefits pets' health, may help to address behavioral issues, and reduces the numbers of accidental and unwanted litters born.

  • Responsible pet care is important to the USPS too. Postal employees daily see the tragedy of irresponsible pet care on their delivery routes, and dog bites are a leading cause of employee injury.

  • The stamps have united us! Since we first learned that the stamps would be issued, the American Partnership for Pets set differences aside to stand behind the stamps and to speak with a single voice on the need for a societal approach to the tragedy of homeless pets. Over the past two years APP national and community partners have effectively used the stamps as a tangible tool to educate the public about the benefits of spaying and neutering. We have worked diligently together for nearly two years, and APP is committed to their work and long-term relationship with the U.S. Postal Service.

  • The stamps have assisted tremendously in attracting media attention and raising awareness of the issue, the partnership and the USPS. More than a hundred million copies of the stamps' images have appeared in APP member and other media. A stamp reprint would continue to provide many more such opportunities.

  • The stamps not only raised the American public's awareness, but also millions of letters and packages were mailed using the stamps, and tens of thousands, probably more, stamps were saved by grateful supporters of their message. In addition many Americans were introduced to the USPS's commemorative stamp and social awareness program.

  • The call to action printed on the selvage of the stamps drove an estimated 4 million Americans to Pets 911 ( and 1-888-PETS-911), a free public service designed to help the public locate veterinarians and spay/neuter programs in their neighborhoods.

  • The exquisite images and the tangible face of the plight of homeless animals, have struck a great chord with caring and concerned Americans who have come out in force to support these stamps. Postal employees have told APP partners that these are one of the most popular stamps the USPS has printed. This support and demand continues.

  • The USPS's influence and reach both nationally and in our communities, has played and can continue to play, a significant part of our national goal of no more homeless pets.

  • If reprinted, and in sufficient quantity, the Spay/Neuter social awareness stamp could be destined for the USPS history books! You have my commitment to make this happen!

I applaud the U.S. Postal Service for its dedication to raising awareness of the many worthy causes in our nation. I also believe that the support and continued public demand for "Neuter or Spay" stamps has proven them to be the rare exception deserving of a reprint.

I look forward to your reply and eagerly await the day when the Neuter/Spay stamp will be on sale once again through my local post office, and

Practice/Organization: (if applicable)
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[Please send a second COPY of your USPS letter to the American Partnership for Pets for our reprint request records. This helps us to keep track of how the campaign is going. Send your letter COPY to American Partnership for Pets, Reprint Request Count, c/o Prevent a Litter Coalition, , n, VA 20171. Or to with REPRINT REQUEST COPY in the subject heading]

Have you explored the rest of the comprehensive American Partnership for Pets website to learn more about the partners, the stamps, stamp collecting, the benefits of spay/neuter, how to get involved, download educational initiatives, purchase commemorative merchandise and much much more!

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