We are tremendously excited that the US Postal Service has taken the Spay/ Neuter Social Awareness stamps as their Fall Campaign.

38,000 postmasters nationwide have been provided with information about spay/ neuter, and a list of ideas for local events to help to raise awareness of the issue. In addition, post offices will be provided with promotional posters that will educate the public about the millions of animals euthanized in shelters each year, and will direct the public to Pets 911 to find their local spay/neuter resources.

Community veterinarians, humane organizations, businesses, local governments and independent volunteers are already planning exciting events to tie-in with the stamps unveiling, or special dedication ceremonies in states and cities across the nation! We encourage you to be a part of this unprecedented collaborative nationwide program, by holding a spay/neuter event in your community!

Introduce yourself to your local postmaster
We encourage you to introduce yourself to your local postmaster and collaborate with all those interested in helping our community animals in planning events to tie-in with the launch of the stamps.

If you are a local non-profit humane organization, detailed information will be included in the Action Kits which you will receive in early August, and which is also available for download on the Pets 911 shelter and veterinarian private log in section (the orange button on the right.)

If you are unaffiliated with any veterinarians practice or animal organization, contact your local animal group and see if they need help coordinating or funding an event! You can find organizations in your neighbourhood by visiting and entering your zip code. Or plan an event at your social club, school, business! Be creative - the sky is the limit, and we will be highlighting some of the local events here on our website! Help us to raise awareness!

Veterinarians & Animal Organizations: Be Part of the Call to Action!
If you provide spay/neuter and animal health and welfare services, please ensure that your practice or organization is registered and up-to-date in the free Pets 911 system. (Click on the orange log in section to update or add your listing.)

Every sheet of spay/neuter stamps sold, and every USPS spay/neuter stamp poster will direct the public to 1-888-pets-911 or You'll be helping to provide this free referral service to the public AND at the same time you'll benefit from this outreach

If you need to contact Pets 911, call Colleen Tomes or Julie Pasquinelli at 602-824-6283 or e-mail them at

Tie-in the stamps with one of the national annual animal events!
See a list of suggestions!

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Spread the Word
Link to the American Partnership for Pets website,, and help us spread the word!

Spread the word to other key stakeholders: animal services, humane organizations, rescue groups, teachers, etc. Encourage them to visit our website, join as a community partner or just learn about this exciting program!

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